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Rodney Hardy
Rodney Hardy is the owner of Hardy Funnel Cakes. He was born and raised in the Erie Avenue section of North Philadelphia, where he began his culinary journey at a young age. Growing up his father, Willie "Sunny" Hardy lead by example and showed him that by owning a business you can rebuild lives, reestablish hope in people who may have lost it, and be a beacon of light  & peace in a resource stricken community. His mother Dora Hardy established spiritual principles to guide him and reinforced unwaveringly that "Only what you do for God count".  
Through his father's example a strong work ethic was developed, one that has transcended to the next generation. Rodney Hardy firmly believes that if you are in business in a community, it is imperative that you be apart of that community by giving back. Rodney Hardy holds a Bachelor of Elementary Education from Morris College and a Masters of Human Services from Lincoln University. As a business owner, he finds joy in helping people enjoy life and providing smiles one funnel cake at a time.
As a senior in high school, he is nothing short of "My right-hand man". He has been working with me every step of the way since our inception 4 years ago. He was then 14. Now there is no part of the business he cannot do. I am proud of the young man he is and look forward to the man he will become. 
My wife is my partner in life, family, and business. When Hardy Funnel Cakes began, it was my wife on the other side of every tote, tent, table, fryer, good day, bad day, feeling like quitting day, and ready to move forward. Simply put, Thank You My, Love.
Daughters:  Maya & Milan:
Please know that every brick laid, each obstacle overcame, every fear championed, and every day we serve others I am working with you both in my heart. 
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